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ikbc History

iKBC was founded by a group of enthusiasts!
Our common interests brought we together, and we gradually formed a stable group. In order to develop the keyboard that all of them would like and recognize, we were always discussing and debating with one another about it, "Until one day, a story was shared by everyone."
This story was originally about the camera king - Hasselblad.
Hasselblad company was founded in 1841 and is the most well-known medium format camera manufacturer in the world.  It started just as a small shop of business for photographic light-sensitive equipment in 1887.  It then became the US Kodak's distributor in Sweden in 1908.  However, it was Mr. Victor Hasselblad who started the production of the camera.  Victor, born in 1906, was a photographer of birds, and an ornithologist in Sweden, and was also a well-known Swedish expert of photographic equipment at that time.  It was his dream to create a SLR camera whose lens, film backs and viewfinder that could be replaceable.  After World War II broke out, the Swedish Air Force captured the Luftwaffe reconnaissance camera from the German Air Force, and they asked Victor whether he could imitate and create a camera just like that. Victor replied: "No, but I can make a better one" Many people must have heard this story before, and people who pursue excellence will resonate with this. This story also inspired those keyboards fans, who worked spontaneously together, and were determined to create an ideal keyboard themselves! As a result, iKBC was born.

ikbc History timeline

iKBC is a subsidy of Taiwan VortexGear Brands

2007   iKBC was established.

2008   iKBC developed PBT keycap of OEM version.

2009   iKBC began producing mechanical keyboard CHERRY with the original height of PBT keycaps.

2010   iKBC launched the first 60% of regular size mechanical keyboard, Poker.

2011   iKBC developed the first 75% of regular size mechanical keyboards in the world.

2012   iKBC cooperated with DECK in the United States.

2013   iKBC introduced double color keycaps and double color light-transmissive keycaps made of PBT material.

2014   iKBC launched 100% regular size mechanical keyboard with full keys, G104

2015   iKBC launched 75% of regular size mechanical keyboard, G87.

Ikbc Achievement

The popularization and promotion of PBT keycaps
iKBC committed itself fully to the production and development of PBT keycaps produced with pure PBT raw materials from the beginning, to make sure that they are comfortable and harmless to use.  And in 2013 and 2014, two-color PBT and two-color light-transmissive PBT keycaps were launched, turning keyboard players' dreams into reality.

R&D and promotion of special arrangement
iKBC launched the first mechanical keyboard, Poker, which is the world's most well-known 60% of regular size mechanical keyboard, and later also worked with KBTalKing and developed keyboards, Race and Pure keyboards.

Focusing on research about the feel of keyboard
iKBC uses stabilizer  on all of its large keys on the keyboard.  After the development of the products of three generations, iKBC's stabilizer is substantially close to the feel of ordinary keys and has become the industry standard.

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